Artist Profile

I was born in Ann Arbor. Our family moved from the area in 1969, I returned in 1986.

Educational background:

High school dropout 1975 (Junior year)
Master's of Fine Arts 1999. Eastern Michigan University
Currently Artist in Residence, University of Michigan

While at Eastern, I won the Handweaver's Guild of America Dendel scholarship, a national scholarship fund for students pursuing a degree in textiles. The Dendel group has flown me to California to help raise funds for future scholarship winners.

My work has been published in Fiberarts 6, Surface Design Journal, and Shuttle, Spindle Dyepot.

Many of my weavings can be seen at Eastern Michigan University, in the McKinney Union, their new Health and Human Services building, the graduate school offices and in many private collections in the area.

I currently show and sell my work at the American Craft Council shows. My debut with the ACC was April 2000 in St. Paul, I won an honorable mention. Since then I have been to Sarasota and the retail portion of the infamous Baltimore show… probably the largest of it's kind in the country.

This year will be my first time at the Ann Arbor Street Fair, and my first outdoor show!

Before returning to school in 1996, I worked 10 years at the Ann Arbor News (in the production department), made pastries at Slice of Heaven on N. Main St., salads at the Back Alley Gourmet and married local poet/photographer/salesman extraordinnaire, Michael C. Myers.

My studio is in my home and may be visited by appointment, I am available for workshops, lectures, and private weaving instruction. I currently teach several levels of weaving classes at Forma in Whitmore Lake.

After leaving school, two other working artists and myself founded W.A.M., Women's Art Marketing group. We now have four members and work on the business and marketing aspects of being artists which are not often addressed in an art school curriculum.

A large part of my work at shows and as a lecturer involves talking with people about the desires they have for their lives and offering them inspirational and practical examples of how they can begin to take the steps toward whatever it is that will help them live most fully. It's never too late to begin living your dreams.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Professional / Teaching

4/01 Visiting Artist Minnetonka Art Center, MN

3/01 Lecture: Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI

10/00 Visiting Artist Denwar Studio, Costa Mesa, CA

1/00 Private weaving instruction

1/00 Established Kaufmann Studios, specializing in one-of-a-kind woven wallpieces

1/00 Founding Member Women's Art Marketing: WAM

'99 to present, Forma Loom, Weaving classes, beginning through advanced

8/99 Juror Concordia College Student Exhibition

98/'99 EMU Textiles

9/98 EMU FA 100 Art Appreciation for non-majors

5/97 Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, 2-day workshop, pick-up weaves

2/96 Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, Lecture/demo of supplemental warp technique


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Each of these pieces is a place.

The meandering weave structure creates paths, physical artifacts of some synaptic response to the color, textures, or patterns in the rows just previous to the row currently being woven.

Each of these pieces is a map.

They trace the patterned paths document minutes, hours, weeks and months spent at the loom. The paths follow an internal landscape. Making visible the minute by minute dialogue running from my heart, through my subconscious and to my hands. I consciously witness this unfolding story, using my art training to shape it into a beautiful and engaging form.

Each one of these pieces is; an aerial view, a cross section, a landscape, a cityscape, a transparency and a mirror.

They are rich in color and texture to appeal to your tactile, sensual nature… to be beautiful, meditative, to be a starting point for your own story about what they are.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Art Masters Association, President '97-'99
Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, '90-present

Michigan League of Handweavers, '93-present

Handweavers' Guild of America, '96-present

American Craft Council '98-present

Surface Design Association '98-present



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